Dagmar Korecki

Originally from Germany, in 2003 Dagmar came to the UK to progress her early knowledge and passion for creating jewellery. After graduating for BA Degree in Designed Jewellery and Metalwork, she continued her study at a year long intensive post-graduate course, which developed both technical and business skills. This training has given her the necessary expertise to succeed in the jewellery world. Since 2010, Dagmar has been selected to exhibit at a number of prestigious venues including the Victoria and Albert Museum and Goldsmith’s Hall.

Working mainly in silver and gold Dagmar also uses precious and semi-precious stones with her designs. With the subtle and soft metal textures she employs combined with brilliant colours of gemstones, Dagmar creates an elegant visual balance.

Her work includes both traditional and contemporary elements, harnessing nostalgic qualities within simplistic modern design. Those traditional qualities spring from Dagmar’s love of Art Nouveau, Victorian floral art and illustration. Her work draws from these older decorative influences and is transformed into elegant and contemporary pieces.

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