Chris Pate

My inspiration comes from natural and organic forms and designs usually evolve whilst I am walking my dogs in the fields and hedgerows of the Somerset countryside. My love of textiles also feeds into my work which has a sculptural/3-D feel. Ideas are never far away – my head is always teaming with them and I can often wake in the night or early morning with a solution to a technical problem or a brilliant design idea, so a pen and paper are always by my bedside. The creative process is a necessary part of my practice. I collect specimens, draw and doodle and from an unlikely scribble a new collection of work will often emerge. I particularly enjoy the process of hand finishing a piece and seeing it develop into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

I have been designing and making jewellery for 15 years. I also teach traditional silver jewellery making and metal clay classes from my studio in Somerset Touchmark Studios and I have acquired Level I of the Masters Registry I Program.

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